New Clients – FAQ

Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions and our answers.

What are the next steps in the process?

The next step is for you to get a hold of us!  Please send us an e-mail at with as much information about your project as possible. After we review your products and information we will begin the process of ensuring we are a good fit.

What can Beneficial Blends pack?

We can pack numerous types of liquid and semi-liquid products. Our container size ranges from 8oz to 128oz containers. We can handle various consistencies from chunkier products (think salsa) to smooth products (think olive oil). We accommodate induction seals, tamper evident shrink wrap, pressure sensitive labels.

Does Beneficial Blends do Facility Tours?

Yes, our production facility is located minutes from the Tampa International Airport. We would love to schedule a time for your team to take a tour of our facility. Please utilize the Contact Us page to indicate your interest in a Beneficial Blends tour.

What does it cost?

At Beneficial Blends, we take the time to analyze everything that goes into producing your products. When we have a completed picture of the steps required, we will provide you with a pricing quote. A couple of factors that will have an effect on pricing include; batch size, labor requirements, frequency of production, processing times, and various other aspects.

Who provides ingredients and supplies?

There are two theories regarding ingredients and supplies:  Customer Supplied and Co-Packer Supplied.

Customer Supplied products are totally sourced by you. You will need to provide us specs for each packaging item and ingredient. This provides you with the greatest degree of control over your ingredients and packaging materials.

Co-Packer Supplied products are sourced and purchased by Beneficial Blends. We enjoy volume discounting from major suppliers in the packaging and food supplier industries.

How soon can we begin packing?

The new customer process can range in length. It will depend on the complexity of your product, the availability of ingredients, and our manufacturing schedule.

Is Beneficial Blends Organic certified?

Yes, our facility is Organic certified.

Can Beneficial Blends package Kosher products?

Yes, our facility is a certified Kosher packager.

Can Beneficial Blends help with Warehousing and Storage?

We do have the ability to store and warehouse at our facility. We would need more details on quantity and length of storage for a better picture.

Is Beneficial Blends able to support with distribution?

With extensive experience in the food industry, it is always our goal to see customers succeed. We would love to take the time and sit down with you to discuss your distribution needs.

My product is brand new to market, is this the next step for me?

We understand that everyone starts somewhere! If you e-mail, we will do our best to help make your visions into reality.