5 Ways to Declutter Your Life in 2021

Did you know that a monk’s day begins with cleaning? These monks believe that the physical act of cleaning is also a mental act of cleaning. It brings clarity and healing to your thoughts. “We do it to eliminate the suffering in our hearts,” they say. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or luxury to assure their living space is spotless before their morning routine. We often hear famous proverbs like, “Clean house, clean mind.” Nobody grows up aspiring to be featured on season three of the show Hoarders, just as nobody predicted the dismal year that thankfully is in our rearview —put your hand down Nostradamus! A perfect place to start is by decluttering. The dictionary describes Declutter: removing unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place).  Here are five ways to declutter your life in 2021.


Make Your Bed Everyday

It seems simple enough, but it’s actually science! One study found that 62 percent of non-bed makers admit that they are unhappy in their lives while 71 percent of bed makers say they are happy. According to a National Sleep Foundation survey, a made bed contributes to healthier sleep habits and better rest.


Clear Your Professional Workspace

There’s nothing wrong with keeping important documents or even the employee handbook from your first week on the job. Do you need it as a coaster for your morning coffee? Probably not! The beauty of living in 2021, is the utilization of “the cloud.” The internet is full of digital organizational tools which can store important documents for record. You can refer to this list of Top Free Resource Management Software.


Utilize Your Digital Calendar

Years ago there were rolodexes, black books or plain old calendars. Today, we can sync email like Google or Outlook calendar to your mobile device and set reminders.


Keep A Journal

A journal allows you to download the inner voice that is always disrupting your thought process when you are trying to get important things done.


Prioritize and Make a Checklist

Whether in an office situation or chores around the house, 0ften we become overwhelmed by the amount of work that continues to pile up. It’s like you blink and another task presents itself. So…don’t blink! In all seriousness, you can write your tasks down in one of the resources referenced above. Identify your top priorities and take it one task at a time. There’s very few better feelings than crossing off an item on your list.








We hope applying the ways to declutter your life will help alleviate stress and increase overall productivity in 2021.