Experts in Co-Packing Capabilities

When businesses do not have the capabilities to meet the demands for production, co-packing is the solution. But what is a co-packer? A contract packager (co-packer) is a company that manufactures and packages your products in their facility to create your finished goods. Working with an experienced co-packer is beneficial to companies looking to get into business and expand. Co-packers capabilities range from project management to supply chain and operations to logistic services. Carefully vetting co-packer capabilities and experience is critical to the success of your business

To find the best Co-Packing Partner, we suggest these tips:

  1. Reliability

It’s imperative to work with a reliable co-packer. A co-packer needs to understand your timeline and speed to market, and knows how to deliver results. Look to a co-packer with a proven track record, customer scorecards, and reviews. An experienced co-packer will feel like an extension of your company vs. a separate entity.

  1. Transparency

When going into business with any company, transparency is key. An experienced co-packer will be transparent through their entire manufacturing process. You’ll want a partner who is straightforward with their sourcing and suppliers to ensure the integrity of your finished product.

  1. Credibility

Industry certifications speak to the company’s credibility. A co-packer with high-level certifications will define the standards of their manufacturing process. A few certifications within Natural Foods include SQF Level, USDA Organic, Kosher, and Fair Trade. We recommend researching the certifications in your industry to ensure credibility.


These tips we’ve provided will help you determine how to hire the best co-packing partner. Keep in mind that depending on your product various other factors come into play.

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