How to Choose the CBD Format that’s Right for You

Previously, we’ve discussed how CBD affects the body and the different types of CBD. But how do you determine which CBD format is right for you and how often to include it in your regimen?

There are three main ways people are using CBD: ingesting orally, applying topically, and inhaling. All methods deliver CBD to your endocannabinoid system, the vital system in the body that is responsible for homeostasis, providing the desired relief you are looking for.


CBD for Oral Consumption

Tinctures, Beverage Enhancers, Single-Dosage Shots and Sprays are very prevalent forms of CBD consumption. These solutions contain CBD and usually a carrier oil such as MCT or coconut. These CBD products can be taken directly or added to food & beverages. Tinctures tend to be consumed sublingually, under the tongue, to provide fast absorption into the body, but all provide the relief you are looking for. These products are great as they offer controlled/individual doses that are easy to work into a daily routine that are ideal for promoting general wellness.

CBD Topicals

Many CBD Topicals can be applied directly on your body. Creams, patches, and cooling lotions are being mixed with CBD to amplify the therapeutic effects. These items can be applied directly to the site of discomfort, to help relieve aches and soreness associated with an active lifestyle.1

CBD Inhalants

CBD inhalers and vape pens appear to be popular due to ease of usage. While the safety and long-term health effects of vape pens still aren’t well known, it’s undeniable that they have a large following. Inhalers and vape pens contain doses of CBD with every puff, making them ideal for users looking for fast absorption of CBD.2,3


No matter how you take your CBD, consistency is key. Since every individual differs in their CBD needs, it comes down to old-fashioned experimentation. Start with the recommended dosage on the label and either scale up or down based on the affect to your body. It’s helpful to keep a log of all interactions with CBD and include method, dosage level, and notes on how you feel in order to determine the product mix, strength, and frequency that’s right for your body.



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